What to Sing for Auditions...


Each student has the choice of singing ANY song but it is best to choose a song written for "Musical Theater." Please try to sing a song that you feel best represents your vocal talents. 

Here are some audition songs that we suggest singing for auditons:


Make sure to practice what you will sing before auditions. It is always good to come prepared, especially if you would like a lead role.  


We want to see you move and be excited about your audition song, we are not ONLY looking for good singers but for good stage presence and great acting. Have fun with it! This show calls for BIG PERSONALITIES!


Email Mrs. Conway if you have any questions:   jconway@ecslions.org

We will provide the music accompaniment in the audition room for the songs listed above. If you choose to sing something that is not listed above please have accompaniment ready on your phone or Ipad. We will have a bluetooth speaker.

Music For Auditions (NO Words):
Music For Auditions (With Words):