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What to Sing for Auditions...

For auditions you will need to sing a song by yourself in front of the creative directors team.

We only need to hear a 1 minute cut of a song for the audition. So choose which minute you would like to sing and either tell us where to cue the music to start, or have your song queued on your phone and ready to go.

Make sure to practice what you will sing before auditions. It is always good to come prepared, especially if you would like a lead role.  


We want to see you move and be excited about your audition song, we are not ONLY looking for good singers but for good stage presence and great acting. Have fun with it! This show calls for many different characters and personalities!


Email Mrs. Conway if you have any questions:

We prefer you to sing a song without the words playing along. Lust the instrumental version of a song for you to sing with is called the accompaniment.

We will provide the music accompaniment in the audition room for the songs listed below. If you choose a different song, please bring your own musical accompaniment on a phone or a speaker.

Here are the options for what to sing for auditons:

1) You may choose any song from a musical theater show that fits your voice range or is a similar style song to the character you are auditioning for.

2) You may sing one of the song suggestions below (there are both accompaniment versions, and practice version with words, linked below):

Song Suggestions
(the songs below match the styles of Aladdin characters. Pick one that goes with a character you might want in the show.)



We will have the music available, for all songs listed above, in the audition room.

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