Audition   Call    Backs

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The Call Back List For Auditions will be posted here by Noon on Wednesday, January 13th. 

This list will be for the people who completed their vocal audition but we, the creative team, would like to see again.


During this call back we will ask the performer to read a scene as a certain character. You may be asked to read for more than one character. You may also be asked to sing or dance again if we need to see more from you in order to cast a certain part.

If you are not called back for a role, this does not mean you did not receive a part in the show. There are some characters that we are able to cast immediately and we do not need to see you again. 

The Final step of Auditions, the Call Backs, will be held on Thursday, January 14th from 3:15-6pm and on Friday, January 15th 12:30pm-5pm. If you already know there will be a conflict on either day, please let Mrs. Conway know in case we need to call you back.

Remember to give God the Glory and to Have Fun!!!



We would like to see the following people again for callbacks...

Callback Schedule(approximate):


3:15-3:35 pm - Lion King Group (Simba, Nala, Zazu)  

3:35-3:50 pm -  "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" (Dorothy)

3:50-4:10 pm - Beauty& Beast Group 4 (Potts, Lumiere, Chip)

4:10-4:30 pm -  "I know its today" (little Fiona, med. Fiona)

4:30-4:55 pm - Peter Pan Group 2  (Peter, Wendy)

5:00-5:20 pm - Peter Pan Group 1 (Hook, Smee)

5:20- 5:40pm - "Distant Melody" (Wendy)

5:40- 6:00pm - "Ugh a Wug" (Peter,Tiger Lily)


12:45-1:10 pm  - "She's in Love" (Flounder, Mersisters)

1:10 -1:30 pm -  Beauty& Beast Group 2 (Silly Girls, Gaston, Belle)

1:30- 1:55 pm -  "Painting the Roses Red"(Alice, Queen, Cardsman)

2:00 -2:20 pm -  Beauty & Beast Group 3 (Cogsworth, Lumiere, Belle, Maurice, Beast)

2:20 - 2:40 pm-  Beauty & Beast Group 1 (Belle, Gaston, Lefou)

2:40 - 3:00 pm - "Popular" (Glenda)

3:00 -3:20 pm - "Gaston" (Lefou)

3:20 -3:40 pm -  Aladdin Group 1 (Genie, Aladdin)

3:40 - 4:00 pm - "A Whole New World" (Aladdin, Jasmine)

4:00 - 4:30 pm - "I Want it Now" (Veruca Salt)

4:30- 4:50 pm - Cinderella Group 2, "Stepsister Lament"(Stepmother, Stepsisters, Cinderella)

4:50- 5:00 pm - Cinderella Group 1 & "Impossible" (Cinderella, Godmother)        

5:00- 5:15 pm - "Be Our Guest" (Lumiere)

5:15- 5:30 pm -  "Beauty and the Beast" ( Mrs. Potts)

5:30 - 5:45pm - "Home" (Belle)

Please listen to the songs below for the character(s) you have been called back for, we may ask you to sing if we did not already hear you sing these specific songs. Look over the lines for the scenes you will be reading. 
We will give you an actual script and song lyrics at callbacks(or grab one from Mrs. Conway before) but please come prepared as much as possible for your character(s).
Scripts For Callbacks:

Physical copies of callback scripts will be given at callbacks and you will have time to read and practice before you come in to perform. Practice the songs before if you can.

Music For Callbacks:

Over The Rainbow

I know its Today

From Now On

A Whole New World


I Just Cant Wait to Be King



She's In Love

Friend Like Me

Prince Ali

Ugh A Wug

Distant Melody

Hard Knock Life


10 Minutes Ago

Stepsisters Lament

Beauty and The Beast

Painting the Roses Red

Seize the Day

I Wont Grow Up

Be Our Guest