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101 Dalmations Characters:


Roger(Lead Role, Solos)


Roger, married to Anita, is the soft-spoken yet confident composer and owner of Pongo and Perdita. His relaxed form of leadership acts as a contrast to the frenetic Cruella. He is a strong yet kind presence in the show.


Anita(Lead Role, Short Solo)

Anita, wife of Roger, is a sweet and nurturing painter whose kind disposition acts as a stark contrast to Cruella's cruelty. 


Perdita & Pongo(Lead Role, NO Solos)

Perdita and Pongo, the puppies’ parents, have similar dispositions to their owners, Roger and Anita. These roles do not require solo singing, we would like to cast strong actors capable of projecting a more mature presence than their pups.


Cruella De Vil (Lead Role, Solos)

Cruella is the rich, fashion-forward antagonist of the story who harbors a penchant for puppy fur. Ruthless and impulsive, she should command the stage with dramatic flair and brassiness.We need an actor who can sing – with a strong, authoritative presence – and who can move with a high, captivating energy.


Horace & Jasper(Lead Role, Solos)

Horace and Jasper, Cruella’s two henchmen for hire, provide the show’s comic relief à la Abbott and Costello or Laurel and Hardy. Though they sing together often, look for actors with strong comedic timing who can excel at physical comedy. While not necessary, these two can speak with Cockney accents if you have actors that are capable and willing.

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Nanny (Supporting Role, No Solos)

Nanny is the warm yet outspoken housekeeper to Roger and Anita. This is a small role that requires a strong speaking voice (no singing required).


Narrators: Boxer, Poodle, Corgi, Poodle (Lead Role, NO Solos)

Boxer Narrator, Scottie Narrator, Poodle Narrator, and Corgi Narrator help to tell the story and are part of your Dogs of London ensemble (see above). Because the clarity of the plot relies on them, we are looking for performers with excellent diction and projection. 


Lucky, Patch, Penny, & Pepper (Supporting Role, Small Solos)

Perdita and Pongo’s funny and spirited pups. We are looking for actors that can project their solo lines articulately and are comfortable using their bodies to portray puppy dogs. 


Freckles and Spotty (Supporting Role)

Freckles and Spotty, two Dalmatian puppies stolen by Cruella. Each puppy has one solo line of dialogue.


Police Officer (Supporting Role)

The Police Officer arrests the villains at the end of the show. Looking for an actor who can convey a no-nonsense attitude.


Sargeant Tibbs (Supporting Role)

Sergeant Tibbs is the army cat that rallies the Dogs of London to rescue the puppies. We are looking for an actor with a strong voice that can project an authoritative air. This cat has a short, but sweet solo, so make sure vocals are strong


Dogcatcher (Supporting role)

The Dogcatcher appears at show’s end to dramatically remove Cruella from the scene. This student should be able to have fun at creating a few moments of physical comedy with Cruella.


Dogs of London

The Dogs of London include the Boxers, Scotties, Poodles, and Corgis that assist Perdita and Pongo in saving their puppies. All should be comfortable embodying the physical movement of their particular breed. Within the ensemble numbers, there are some opportunities for solos.

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